2018 Santa Fe Literary Review

Selected Writings and Images

Four Pills for your Medicine Pouch by Jesse Short Bull

The Coven by Jennine “DOC” Krueger-Wright

A Hunger for Something like Prayer – For Hilary by Gabe Gomez

Wind-shaped Woman by Brendan Basham

Gravity by Sheryl Slocum

Independent Broadcasting: Rohingya Muslims by Connor Bjotvedt

Portrait in Alzheimer’s Disease by Michael Mark

The Third Love of Amorette Seul by Natalie Najman

Views by Elaine Schleiffer

Awakening by Deborah Svatos

Long Distance Turnaround by Tom Holmes

Near Bears Ears by David Feela

There was a River by Shebana Coelho

More than They Should by Rikki Santer

Sticky by Courtney Rose