Deep Down (Pushcart Prize Nominee, SFLR 2019)

by Behzad Dayney

Walking with eyes closed

Through the fields of golden wheat

Running my hand over

Wheat tassels, I knew

That I was of this earth

And the wheat was of heaven

When my lips touched the water

Of the clear mountain spring

Trickling through the cracked rocks

I swore I was in heaven

When the cool summer breeze

Blew in my sweaty face

Over the fields of golden wheat

I wished I was of the sky

And when I hungered for flesh

My hand no longer caressing

The gentle silky wheat tassels

I was certain that I was

Nothing but an animal


Born in Iran, Behzad Dayeny is the Director of Food Services at the Santa Fe Community College. His poetry explores the natural world, the human heart, and the ever-shifting nature of home.