APRENDE Lead Teachers and Mentors


Mentor teachers play an essential role in the education and development of early childhood apprentices. Being a mentor teacher is an opportunity to develop a long-term mentorship relationship with an apprentice and to build your own supervisory and leadership skills.

Mentor Teachers:

  • Coach and supervise an early childhood teacher apprentice in the early childhood classroom
  • Meet regularly outside of classroom time to provide feedback and coaching to their apprentice
  • Evaluate an apprentice’s proficiency in standard early childhood educator competencies, using tools and measures provided by the apprenticeship program
  • Complete required documentation of competency evaluations and other measures of apprentice’s progress

Mentor Teacher Requirements:

  • Have an associate degree or higher in Early Childhood Education
  • Have at least three years of experience teaching in an early childhood education and care program
  • Join the New Mexico Early Childhood Mentor Network (ECMN)
    • To join the network, mentor teachers must also receive a recommendation from your current director/supervisor during the application process

Early Childhood Mentor Network (ECMN)

During their first year in ECMN, mentor teachers enroll in two consecutive online courses at CNM: Early Childhood Mentorship I and Early Childhood Mentorship II. These courses are offered at no cost to the teacher, who will earn three college credits per course. These credits can be used to fulfil annual state professional development requirements and lead to a certificate in Early Childhood Mentorship from the Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD).

Mentors participate in monthly network meetings to share knowledge and experiences, have opportunities for specialized professional learning, and host students and apprentices in their classroom.

Mentor teachers receive stipends for completing the mentorship courses, participating in meetings, and mentoring a student/apprentice.

For more information about ECMN and to apply to be a mentor teacher, visit the Early Childhood Mentor Network website: