What is Registered Apprenticeship?


Apprenticeship is a model for combining on the job learning and classroom-based instruction to train highly-qualified professionals. A few key elements of a registered apprenticeship include:

  • The apprenticeship is registered with the New Mexico State Apprenticeship Office. This office approves the apprenticeship model and ensures the program is complying with all related federal and state regulations.
  • Apprentices earn a nationally-recognized apprenticeship certificate from the State Apprenticeship Office in addition to a degree from Santa Fe Community College and certificates from the NM Early Childhood Education and Care Department.
  • Apprentices are directly employed by their apprenticeship employer site. They are full employees with the same salary and benefits as other employees who have similar levels of education and experience.
  • Wages increase based on education and certifications. After you earn the Child Development Certificate and the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, you will receive a raise.