What is Registered Apprenticeship?


Apprenticeship is a model for combining on the job learning and classroom-based instruction to train highly-qualified professionals. A few key elements of a registered apprenticeship include:

  • The apprenticeship is registered with the New Mexico State Apprenticeship Office. This office approves the apprenticeship model and ensures the program is complying with all related federal and state regulations. APRENDE will be seeking registration with the state office during summer 2022.
  • Apprentices earn a nationally-recognized apprenticeship certificate from the State Apprenticeship Office in addition to a degree from Santa Fe Community College and certificates from the NM Early Childhood Education and Care Department.
  • Apprentices are directly employed by their apprenticeship employer site. They are full employees with the same salary and benefits as other employees who have similar levels of education and experience.
  • Wages increase based on education and certifications. After you earn the Child Development Certificate and the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, you will receive a raise.