Apply to APRENDE Programs


Thank you for your interest in the APRENDE Program!  Please review the program requirements under APRENDE Early Childhood Apprenticeship Program before submitting your interest form.  If you do not meet the APRENDE requirements or would like to start the program without a job, please see the APRENDE Early Childhood Pre-Apprenticeship program.

Steps to apply:

Step 1: Complete the APRENDE Interest form

  • The application for the APRENDE Pre-Apprenticeship program is now open and the APRENDE Apprenticeship Program opens in September.
  • If you are interested in applying to either program, please fill out the below form. We will be in touch shortly.

Please fill out the below form to let us know about your interest in the APRENDE Programs and

APRENDE Interest Form

  • Are you interested in applying to the APRENDE or Pre-APRENDE program?
  • Do you currently work for an early childhood education/care program?
  • Have you taken any early childhood college courses before? (yes/no)
  • Are you currently a student at Santa Fe Community College? (yes/no)
  • Are you a High School Graduate or have you completed a High School Equivalency Program?
    • You will need to submit your high school transcripts or certificate of high school equivalency to SFCC to document your completion of high school/equivalency.
    • If you have completed prior college coursework at an institution other than SFCC, submit your high school and college transcripts to the Education Advisor, Emily McCarthy, and to

    • If you are a current employee of an APRENDE-affiliated employer, you will be asked to provide the name of your supervisor or director in your application. They will be contacted and asked to confirm your employment and provide a recommendation for your acceptance into the apprenticeship program.
    • If you are not a current employee of an APRENDE-affiliated employer, you will need to secure employment at one of these employer sites.
      • After you submit your APRENDE application, the APRENDE Coordinator will help connect you to employers. It is ultimately the responsibility of the applicant to secure employment with an APRENDE-affiliated early childhood program.

    *Pre-Apprentices will work with program staff for a field placement

    If you are a new employee of the early childhood program, you will need to complete the NM ECECD background check through your employer site. This is required before you can begin your employment.

    All APRENDE students will meet with an advisor to set up a degree plan and register for courses every term.  APRENDE students are expected to remain in communication with their advisor and meet at least once a term.

    Go to for instructions and more information about completing the NM ECECD Scholarship application.

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