APRENDE Early Childhood Teacher Apprenticeship Program


APRENDE is an early childhood teacher training program that uses hands-on work experience in early childhood classrooms to earn certificates and degrees in early childhood.

APRENDE has three different training programs:

APRENDE Pre-Apprenticeship Program: a pre-apprenticeship for people who do not have experience working in early childhood settings.  Pre-Apprentices gain experience through a 150-hour field experience and earn a Child Development Certificate (CDC) in early childhood education, qualifying them to be an assistant teacher.

APRENDE Apprenticeship Program: a registered apprenticeship program with the NM State Apprenticeship Office for people working in early childhood who are interested in a supported pathway to an associate degree in early childhood to become a lead teacher. 

APRENDE Infant Toddler Child Development Certificate (CDC) Cohort: APRENDE is offering a special CDC cohort in Spanish during 2024-2025 for infant and toddler teachers and people who would like to get experience in an infant and toddler classroom. Please click on Apply to APRENDE for the application. Participants earn a stipend for cohort participation.