Excellent Faculty

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At Santa Fe Community College, students are made to feel welcome and empowered to succeed. Our exceptional faculty combines academic prestige with real world experience. Small class sizes are designed for lots of interaction.

Led by instructors who are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields, SFCC classrooms are a place where students can experience intellectual growth and receive top-notch training. In addition, faculty are friendly, helpful and provide timely feedback on progress on goals and program requirements.

SFCC faculty members understand that financial and family circumstances can make a college education difficult. Alongside our devoted team of student support specialists, SFCC faculty members are here to help you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals.

To get started, please contact our Welcome and Advising Center, 505-428-1270, wac@sfcc.edu

Learn more about our faculty’s accomplishments and strengths in SFCC’s 2016 Student Satisfaction Survey and the 2016 Graduation Survey – produced by OPIE.