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Early Childhood Education

Get extra financial support to study early childhood education! Special Student Success stipends will be given to all qualified students in the Early Childhood Education program or in the Alternative Teacher Licensure program for an Early Childhood Teacher Certification for the Spring 23 semester.

About the Program

Make an impact on the future. Enroll in the Early Childhood Education Program. The program is designed for students planning to work with children from birth to grade three and the families of those children. An associate’s degree partially fulfills the New Mexico Public Education Department’s competencies for teacher licensure up to third grade and the coursework is designed to transfer to a bachelor’s program at a university.

You’ll study child development, the foundations of early childhood education, curriculum development through play, assessment and practicum, and programs evaluation —essential for becoming an early childhood teacher or specialist, a day care director, a pre-school and nursery center director or other positions that help children grow and learn. You will acquire real-life experience at the college’s Kids Campus early childhood development center located on the SFCC campus.

The number of jobs available in early childhood education is expected to increase during the next 10 years as teachers retire and the population grows. Some schools are offering bonuses, higher pay and other incentives to new teachers.

All students taking Early Childhood classes must sign and return  the ECE Conduct Agreement within the first semester of enrollment in an ECED or EDUC class.

For more information, please contact Emily McCarthy at emily.mccarthy@sfcc.edu or (505) 428-1448.

Para mas informacion sobre nuestro programa de educacion temprana en Español, contácte a Olga Jaramillo,  bilingual.earlychildhood@sfcc.edu o llame a (505) 428-1749.

Career Opportunities

  • Head Start administrator
  • Owner or director of a licensed childcare center
  • Preschool teacher
  • Public school teaching aide
  • Public school teacher educational specialist
  • Recreational coordinator