Planetarium at Santa Fe Community College

The Planetarium is becoming an integral part of the science and astronomy education curriculum at SFCC, but we also pride ourselves on our accessibility to the general public!

The Planetarium at Santa Fe Community College is a full-dome facility that can be used for a wide range of science-based educational experiences. We are available for hosting private events, birthday parties, K-12 school group visits, adult continuing education classes, and night-sky tours for all ages. Planetariums aren’t only for learning about the planets anymore! We can also create shows about geology, cosmology, and astrobiology.
The immersive demonstrations at The Planetarium at Santa Fe Community College are a fun and exciting way for all ages to explore the cosmos from the comfort of a reclining seat!
  • The Planetarium is located inside of the Main Building of SFCC, West Wing, Room 215 

General Astronomy-Related Topics to be Presented:

Solar System Planets, Lunar Phases, Night Sky Constellations, Galaxies & Cosmology, and more!

Pricing and Times

Specific dates and shows will be listed here, and you can purchase a ticket in advance on this page once showtimes are available. Tickets will not be available for purchase at the door.

Thursdays 7 pm/Saturdays 2 pm & 5 pm

Feb. 6:

Distant Worlds, Alien Life?

Feb. 15

free event — 5 pm (tba)

Feb. 20

From Earth to the Universe

Feb. 27 & 29

A Journey to Mars

Mar. 5 & 7

Mayan Archeoastronomy

Mar. 12 & 14

Cosmic Castaways

Mar. 19

free event (tba)

Apr. 2 & 4

Distant Worlds, Alien Life?

Admission pricing is:

Adults (13 and over) = $8
Seniors (over 60) = $5
Students (with SFCC ID) = $5
Military = $5
Kids (under 13) = $5

Planetarium Rental Space (75 seats, full-dome theater, performance space in front):

Half day* (min. 4 hours) = $175 (non-profit) and $300 (corporate)
Full day* (over 4 hours) = $300 (non-profit) and $550 (corporate)
*No Planetarium show included.

For private shows/school field trips, etc.

Up to 1-hour Planetarium show = $150
Up to 1-hour Science on a Sphere show = $100
Package deal for both (two 1-hour shows) = $220

For shows requested longer than an hour, we offer a further discount for the next block of time:

Up to 2-hour Planetarium show = $250
Up to 2-hour Science on a Sphere show = $170
Package deal (up to 4 hours for both shows) = $320
Contact Amanda Truitt (505) 428-1721 or Colleen Lynch (505) 428-1769

Planetarium Contact

Find more information about Science on a Sphere here: