Earth Sustainability Tours


Renewable Resource Experiences

Come see the pioneering advances we are making locally in:

  • Aquaponic and hydroponic greenhouse agriculture
  • Alternative Fuels and Algae Cultivation Lab
  • Facilities Technology

Into the Water, Energy, and Food Nexus

The Trades and Advanced Technology Center (TATC) houses a variety of programs centered around sustainable technologies and workforce preparation.  Our 12,000 square foot commercial greenhouse serves as a living laboratory where students learn to operate and manage a variety of commercial Aquaponic and Hydroponic production systems.  With a focus on maximizing crop production with minimal inputs, our students learn the skills needed to feed the future.  Featuring some of the most efficient food production systems, the greenhouse has something for everyone to explore.

The Alternative Fuels and Algae Cultivation Lab provides students with space to learn to produce energy with materials ranging from microorganisms to food waste.  Alternative fuels provide an opportunity to produce climate-friendly fuels and energy while algae cultivation not only provides the feed stock for alternative fuels but also a source of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, environmental remediation, and so much more.

The Facilities Technology program prepares students for work with distributed energy and smart grid systems.  The facilities include a new building automation systems lab, constructed through a partnership with Siemens and an Economic Development Administration grant, microgrid, and solar arrays.  Additional TATC Programs focus on welding, mechanical engineering, building construction, water/wastewater operations, and HVAC/plumbing.  Come and check out what new and cutting-edge projects are happening in the TATC!

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