Science on a Sphere

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SFCC’s Science on a Sphere (SOS) program uses a white, 6 foot diameter sphere in a dark room (Rm# 803) to display images of Planet Earth and its various systems (water, land, air, Human impact). The SOS images are beautifully presented to create a rotating Earth. These images invite viewers to both learn and step back in awe of the beauty and complexity of our Earth.

The display of the planets and other bodies in our solar system are provided  as a comparison for our changing Earth’s climate.

The Science on a Sphere is an educational product of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The satellite imagery has been provided by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Topics to be Presented:

  • Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Earth’s Biosphere
  • Earth’s Bathysphere
  • Moon, Planets, Satellites
  • Our Milky Way Galaxy
  • Our Evolving Climate
  • Human Influence
  • Our Carbon Footprints
  • Solutions for the Future

Open time presentations will take place in Rm# 803: April 25th (Wednesday 11am to 2pm); April 30th (Monday 12noon to 3pm) and May 2nd (Wednesday 11am-2pm).

For more information on NOAA’s Science on a Sphere program see;


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