SFCC Student Parent Programs


Student Parent Success Program

The Student Parent Success Program provides 1:1 and small group coaching and support and additional opportunities for participating student parents to connect with peers. Students must be enrolled in an SFCC certificate or degree program and have a child under 18 or be expecting a child. Applications open for this program at the start of fall and spring semesters. Some students are eligible to receive a stipend.

Student Parent Alliance

The Student Parent Alliance is composed of currently enrolled SFCC student parents and provides input and leadership to both our student parent programs and the broader college community. Alliance members advise on activities, family friendly spaces on campus, and college policy and help lead family events. In addition to monthly group meetings, members are invited to participate in additional campus meetings and receive a stipend for their time.

College Ready

College Ready is a 5-session class to support parents who are not yet enrolled in college to begin their college education journey at SFCC. Together we explore majors and careers, complete the SFCC admissions application, fill out financial aid applications, tour the college, and learn about child care and other college and community resources to support parenting students.

Title IX Accommodations for Pregnant and Parenting Students

Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, students may request accommodations based on general pregnancy needs or accommodations based on a pregnancy-related condition. For more information on Title IX and to request accommodation, please see the “Pregnant Students” tab on the SFCC Title IX webpage.

Mother Tongue Project English Class

SFCC offers an ENGL1110: Composition I and and ENGL1120: Composition II class specifically for parenting students! This two-course cohort, designed and taught in collaboration with Mother Tongue Project, focuses on the experience of parenthood in all course materials.

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