Vote on Bond B and Bond C to support SFCC

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During the upcoming Nov. 3 election, voters will have an opportunity to vote on statewide General Obligation Bond C for Higher Education and Bond B for Academic Libraries.

“These Bonds will not raise property taxes,” said SFCC President Becky Rowley, Ph.D. The outcome could greatly impact Santa Fe Community College, our state’s economy and the future of students throughout the state.”

Bond C for Higher Education provides funds for 33 public colleges, universities and specialty schools in across New Mexico, including SFCC. They will allow colleges, universities and schools to repair and renovate facilities, improve safety and update technology. New Mexico students need and deserve to study and learn in safe, modern facilities. Up-to-date technology will keep the best and brightest students in New Mexico. In Santa Fe, GO Bond funding supports SFCC, the Institute of American Indian Arts, the New Mexico School for the Deaf and Santa Fe Indian School.

Bond B for Libraries will provide funds for public, academic, public-school and Tribal libraries across the state. Academic libraries will receive much-needed funding to support college and university students in New Mexico by providing access to quality resources and information.

“Bond B funds pay for nearly all of our databases, books, streaming films and electronic journals. We can purchase collections and support electronic access,” said SFCC Library Director Valerie Nye. “Because of the Bond B investment, we can remain a vital, growing, relevant library during covid and into the future.”

If both Bond C and Bond B pass, SFCC will receive $2 million for asset protection, including fire suppression systems, stucco, and fencing, and the SFCC Library will receive funds for books, collections, subscriptions, electronic access, and databases.

Learn more about Bond C at SFCC.

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