New Mexico Higher Education Bond C


GO Bond C LargeGeneral Obligation Bond C is a statewide referendum aimed at ensuring students attending an institution of higher learning or specialty school in New Mexico receive the best tools and facilities they need to excel. Your passage of GO Bond C in November will provide our colleges and universities with funding for much-needed improvements and renovations, ensuring our students receive the best education in up-to-date facilities. GO Bond C will help our schools provide access to the latest in technology and training, with no increase in taxes.

Learn more on the GO Bond C website.

Santa Fe Community College would receive assistance in renovation to address aging infrastructure, building systems and learning spaces. Specific projects include:

  • Infrastructure and mechanical/electrical equipment improvements;
  • Roofing;
  • And waste water treatment plan improvements.

Important Dates

Early Voting: Saturday, October 22 through Saturday, November 5
Absentee Voting Begins: Tuesday, October 11
Voter registration for 2016 General Election ends: Tuesday, October 11
Election Day: Tuesday, November 8