Book appointments now at Fitness Education Center

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Everyone has struggled to keep up their exercise routines during the pandemic. Currently, the SFCC campus is closed with limited exceptions due to COVID-19 safety measures. Community members who’ve previously exercised at the William C. Witter Fitness Education Center have really missed their in-person workouts. The college is responding with a phased-in re-opening plan.

Beginning Oct. 12 the Fitness Education Center is available to the public for limited individual appointments from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. There is a $7 fee for each appointment.

Community members can make reservations for lap swimming, singles tennis and half-court individual basketball practice. Participants must be 18-years-of-age or older. Only those with reservations will be allowed inside at their appointment time. No visitors or children are permitted.

“We’re excited to start offering access to the public. Our staff has trained to open in the safest way possible,” Fitness Facility Center Director Herman Garcia said.

These are the options for appointments by reservation:

  • Lap swimming:  50-minute appointments
  • Tennis court: 100-minute appointments for singles tennis only. Each player must register and pay. Bring your own balls and tennis rackets.
  • Half-court basketball: 100-minute appointments for one player per half court. Bring your own ball.

You do not need to be registered as a student to make an appointment.

Making a reservation is simple:

Step 1: Create an account at
Step 2: Make your appointment (3 appointments max).
Step 3: Pay $7 for your appointment using PayPal.
Step 4: Show up for your appointment – enjoy!

All participants are required to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines:

  • Always wear a proper face mask (except when in the water). Please see face covering guidelines.
  • Always maintain at least 6-feet social distancing.
  • Have your temperature taken upon entry and respond to screening questions.
  • Come dressed to exercise. No showers and no locker rooms are available.
  • Only use the restrooms off the main lobby.
  • Bring your own drinking water and equipment.
  • Leave promptly after your session has ended.
  • Respect the facility manager and lifeguards on duty and adhere to their guidelines.

Ute Jannsen-Kerr, Academic Director of the School of Fitness Education, said, “While the Fitness Education Center is not yet open for classes, we offer many online fitness classes including Zumba, yoga, Pilates and strength training. Our COVID-19 safety team continues to review state and federal guidelines on deciding when we can open for additional types of public use.”

The public is encouraged to visit the Fitness Education Center’s web page for updates on expanded public use. Registration for spring opens Nov. 10.

If you have questions, please contact Fitness Education Center Director Herman Garcia at or 505-428-1751.