SFCC Snapshot: Teanna Neddo

“I became a student with Santa Fe Community College’s TRIO program when I was coming to college from high school. It’s a program that helps 160 students who qualify in three different ways—low-income, first generation and students with disabilities. I graduated from SFCC with my AA in Teacher Education in December 2020. Now I’m continuing at Highlands through SFCC’s Higher Education Center to get my BA in Teacher Education. I knew when I was in high school that I wanted to be a special needs teacher because I have a learning disability. I have dyslexia, and I wanted kids to not go through what I went through in elementary and high school. I wanted them to learn that even though you have a learning disability, you can be anything you want. At SFCC, I had great teachers who supported me. I even took three different classes with the same English teacher because she was amazing. The group I was part of had teachers who already were teachers, teachers who were becoming teachers, and teacher aides, so I got to see all the kinds of teachers. I was part of the TRIO program for a year when they asked me if I wanted to be part of their team. Working for TRIO helped me get to the point where I could do classes online. During the pandemic when classes went online, I already knew how to work classes online because I had to do it for my job. What I’ve learned from the pandemic and going to SFCC is that there is so much to do in life, but we can just get it done one thing at a time.” 
~ Teanna Neddo, TRIO Teacher Education student

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