SFCC Snapshot: Serena Nickell

“When two people from Santa Fe Community College’s Dual Credit Program came to our high school and told us about the different degrees and classes available in the program, everyone got excited about it. The most important thing for me was not having to pay for the classes, especially now when college is just really expensive. Being able to get some college classes under my belt without having to pay for it was really helpful. Also, getting support from both high school and college resources is great. I started with English Comp I last year and I just finished my Public Speaking Class. This semester, I start my Intro to Business Class and Interior Design Class. I plan on going to dog grooming school and then I hope to open my own mobile dog grooming business. I want to convert a school bus into a living/grooming quarters. I’m a senior at Pecos High School, and I came up with my business idea after I started taking classes in the Dual Credit Program. I’m excited to have a foot in the door at colleges and to be able to be a little ahead of the game, depending on where I go to school. Having classes for free and having the resources that you may not have later are really helpful. “
~ Serena Nickell, Dual Credit Student at Pecos High School

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