SFCC Snapshot: Belinda Avila

“I’m working on getting my GED through SFCC’s Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) Program. I’m already a dental assistant. On January 19, I start my Certificate Program to be a Nursing Assistant. In the fall, I’ll start the program for becoming a Medical Assistant. The I-BEST program helps people who are a little older. Here I am at 46, doing my GED, which is kind of challenging but I’m getting it. I was pregnant and married at a very young age. I dropped out of high school. Now I have three kids and six grandchildren. I was working at a dental office when COVID hit, and I was the first to be laid off, so that’s the reason I went to SFCC. They told me I needed to have my GED for the I-BEST program, and I was like, ‘Are you kidding?’ I talked to my husband and kids and they said, ‘You can do it!’ So, I registered for the I-BEST program and got into the GED program. Within a few weeks I was in the advanced Math and Science class and the advanced English and Social Studies class. It’s a little harder now that I’m older, trying to stay focused. But the program is great. All of the instructors have taken time to answer my questions, and if they don’t know the answer, they look into it and find it. Everyone at the college is so wonderful and helpful. There are no words to say how great they are. They encourage you; they don’t put you down; they don’t give up on you. Every one of them. They even have their own IT people to help you if you’re having problems. They want you to get this done.”
Belinda Avila, Adult Education student

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