SFCC celebrated Diversity Day on April 16, 2019

Interim president Cecilia Cervantes, Ph.D,, welcomes everyone to One World, Many Cultures!

Head of the SFCC Fashion Department (far left) talks with SFCC fashion graduate Etagu Wondimu about the clothing that she designed with African inflluences.

Ezra Estes (far left) interviews SFCC fashion graduate Rose Willie about her clothing designs that are infused with Cambodian influences.

Head of the Fashion program Ezra Estes talks about the shirts he created that reflect a variety of ethnic influences.

Sultanah Dancers perform a Turkish dance at the Diversity event. Deborah Newberg, at right, teaches Middle Eastern dance at Santa Fe Community College.

SFCC celebrated Diversity Day on April 16, 2019 with the One World, Many Cultures! event. The organizations/programs that funded the event include: Office of Student Development, Student Government Association, ENLACE, President’s Diversity Advisory Committee (PDAC), and Santa Fe Prevention Alliance.

Speakers and entertainment filled the day. A special fashion show highlighting different cultural styles was organized by Ezra Estes. Entertainment included performances by flamenco and folkloric dancers, Indigie Femme, RaySean, the Saltanah dancers (led by SFCC dance instructor Deborah Newberg), Sabor Cuban Street music and Victor Alvarez.

A variety of ethnic dishes were offered free to the SFCC community. The day concluded with “fishbowl closing comments.”

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