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Disability Etiquette

At first, faculty and staff members may feel uncomfortable when interacting with students with disabilities. This happens when one focuses completely on the disability and not on the individual as a person, thereby creating an attitudinal barrier. The following section outlines effective ways to interact and communicate with students with disabilities. Its purpose is Read more ›

Santa Fe Reporter “Best of” Nominations

Click here to submit your nominations! The copy and paste method is easiest. Local Living Best Free Wi-Fi: Santa Fe Community College Best Public Servant: Santa Fe Community College Best Nonprofit: Santa Fe Community College Best Youth Program: Santa Fe Community College Global Youth Santa Fe Best Business on the Read more ›

Thank You Note

Dear Barb, Alex and Poofie (arf-arf), Thank you for dinner last night. I’m not sure if you saw the expression on my face when Poofie licked you lovingly on the nose, Alex, or when he slobbered kisses all over your hands, Barb. You did reassure me that you washed your hands when you cooked the Read more ›

Wind-shaped Woman

We castrated the bulls ourselves with our pocketknives. Since I’m her only granddaughter, she made me watch her sneak up behind one with a blade behind her back, grab the sack and slice through in one quick motion. Somehow she didn’t need to tie anything. She liked to do it when they were young. Meanwhile, Read more ›

SFCC Algae Cultivation Certificate awarded for the first time

Photo: Abey Torrez, Dr. Stephen Gomez (Faculty member in Sustainable Technologies), Jeremiah Star, Luke Spangenburg (Director of Biofuels, Center of Excellence, Training Center Corporation) and Jonathan Schwilling; the other graduate Martin Lynch is not pictured. Four students were the first to receive the new Algae Cultivation Certificate during the spring commencement ceremony earlier Read more ›


Snow Delay

Based on the road conditions, SFCC and the Santa Fe Higher Education Center will open at 10 a.m. on Thursday, December 13.

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