The Santa Fe Literary Review

The Santa Fe Literary Review (SFLR) is published annually by the Santa Fe Community College. An in-print literary journal, SFLR features work by local, national, and international writers and artists. From June 1 to November 1 each year, we invite submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of a general literary interest, as well as visual art. SFLR aims to promote a diverse range of writers and artists, and to present a wide variety of stories, styles, and cultural perspectives.

We will open for submissions on June 1, 2018, and close on November 1, 2018. The 2018 SFLR theme is “Raíces: Down to the Roots.” For writing submission guidelines, click here. For art (photography, murals, paintings, sculpture, graphic novel excerpts, drawings, and more) submission guidelines, click here. The SFLR welcomes submissions from SFCC, Santa Fe, and beyond. We’re honored to read your work. 

Pick up a free copy of the Review at the SFCC Library, or write to SFLR, 6401 Richards Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87508


To donate to the SFLR, please complete the form below. In the final comments section, kindly make note of the fact that you’re directing your donation to the SFLR/ENGL fund. Thank you for your donation!
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Kate McCahill, Faculty Advisor, Editor-in-Chief

Miriam Sagan, Editor Emeritus

Holly Baldwin, Creative Non-Fiction Editor 

Austin Eichelberger, Fiction Editor

Nancy Beauregard, Poetry Editor

Serena Rodriguez, Poetry Editor

This year’s student interns are Olivia Parent, Sharon Franklet, Jade McLellan, and Darlene Goering. With special thanks to Shuli Lamden and Marci Eannarino Co-Chairs of English, Reading, Speech, and World Languages, and to Julia Deisler, Emily Stern, and Daniel Kilpatric, Creative Writing Point People. We’re also grateful to Bernadette Jacobs, Dean of Liberal Arts, and to Brittney Beauregard, SFLR Photographer.


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