Yellow Salsify Seedhead by Jerry Friedman


In my time off from teaching physics, I like to go on field trips and hikes where I can see
flowers, insects, and especially birds.  I didn’t have to go far for the pictures here; they
were taken in or near my yard.  “Yellow Salsify Seedhead” is an experiment in showing a
sometimes overlooked non-native weed.

I’m fortunate to live in Española, New Mexico, where migrating Sandhill Cranes
sometimes fly over, and I have a tendency to run outside whenever I hear their tremolo
calls. I’ve gotten so used to documenting sightings and looking for beautiful images that I’ll turn my car around if I’ve left without my camera.

Gerald Friedman teaches physics and math at Santa Fe Community College. He has
published poetry in SFLR and elsewhere, but these are his only published photographs.
His photographs are mostly of nature. The better ones are on his Flickr pages, with a
selection at .