LGOB-funded Capital Projects Update

These projects have been completed since March (COVID timeframe):

  • New Cooling Tower
  • New Heat Exchanger
  • Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit Replacement/Upsize
  • FEC Pool Boiler Replacements
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing (new screens are coming soon as well)

These projects are currently in the design phase:

  • Adult Education:  flooring and reception desk replacement; design for future furniture replacement
  • Ceramics Classroom:  enclosing an outdoor space for an additional indoor classroom/work area
  • TATC 800s Classroom Renovations:  providing outside air to several classrooms so that CO2 sensors won’t disrupt classes
  • Facilities and Operations (formerly POM) Parking Lot Upgrades: new paved lot with access control gate
  • Woodworking Dust Collection System:  replacement of dust collection equipment (at least a phase of this)

These projects are currently in construction:

  • Automotive Technologies Center: new 17,500 SF facility, anticipated completion in October
  • Main Power Distribution Panel Replacement: anticipated completion summer of 2021 (due to equipment lead time)
  • FEC Pneumatics Upgrades (new digital controls)
  • FEC Gym Equipment Upgrades: divider curtain replacement and bleacher repairs
  • FEC Showers/Gender Neutral/Solar/Emergency: tile repairs at showers, additional Gender Neutral Restroom, repairs to solar panel system, emergency lighting upgrades
  • FEC Outdoor Track Resurfacing:  has been resurfaced for walking; design for additional upgrades for running track are pending, if funding is adequate
  • Parking Phase II: West Wing, FEC, Health & Sciences, Service Court and Facilities & Operations Parking Lot Upgrades should occur in May of 2021
  • Welding Lab Renovation: addition of 6 welding booths, improved ventilation; scheduled for completion by October 2020
  • Campus Wide Water Heater and Storage Tank Replacements

If you have questions about any of these projects, please contact Karin Pitman, Director Project Manager, Facilities and Operations, or 505-428-1720.