WOW Awards

The Office of Human Resources would like to recognize the following WOW Recipients for their dedicated work and commitment to Santa Fe Community College!

Teresa Roybal: Teresa goes above and beyond in serving the SFCC campus community.

Rosella Varela: Rosella has worked diligently to ensure all vendors are paid timely and accurately. 

Yvonne Martinez: Yvonne has worked diligently to ensure every employee is paid timely and accurately. 

Reyna Varela: Help keeping us all safe and lead the custodial team during covid-19

Stuart Graw: Praise for his work for the vast amount of individuals he deals with is commonplace and thanking him for all he does is appropriate for a WOW Award.

Tim Doyle: For continued work for high work load and purchasing FY rollover.

Norbert Utz: OIT specialized project work campus wide.  Continued immediate response and stakeholder management for SFCC staff.

Linda Ortiz and Jonathon Lujan: There has not been a time that either of these two employees have not met the needs of their department and the SFCC community. 

Amanda Hatherly: Amanda designed the nationally acclaimed Covid-19: Workplace Safety online course, which generated $100,000 of revenue for SFCC. Amanda promotes the health of our planet and humanity in all this myriad of ways.

Doreen Jaramillo: Doreen works tirelessly to ensure employees are paid correctly and on time.  We appreciate Doreen’s commitment to SFCC and her colleagues.

Chris Gettler: Security has been on campus for the duration of the COVID 19 pandemic ensuring that the campus is managed and safe. The whole team should receive a WOW!!!

Please be sure to nominate who you think is doing a great job here at SFCC. The submission form can be found at the SFCC Connect portal, or by reaching out to Katie Cadena Priebe,