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“My father, back 30 years ago, was superintendent of the Santa Fe schools and was largely responsible for starting Santa Fe Community College. My mother also helped in the early years to get out the vote, to get the mill levy passed, and they remained active over the years at the college. My mom took classes and my dad later served as a trustee,” said Mr. James P. Miller, Jr.

Mr. Miller, Jr. continued, “Though they finally retired and moved to Albuquerque, they had a special place in their hearts for Santa Fe Community College, so they endowed a Presidential Scholarship. My father came up for the thirtieth anniversary breakfast in 2013 and made some remarks, which I would echo: Private individuals as well as other organizations and business people need to invest in the people of Santa Fe by donating to scholarships through the Foundation.”
The Richard Bradford Memorial Scholarship was initiated by Mr. McGarrity.
“Richard Bradford [1932-2002], who wrote Red Sky at Morning and So Far from Heaven, has not been recognized properly for the contribution he made to the literary arts in New Mexico. He deserves the recognition this scholarship provides him,” Mr. McGarrity stated.

“It’s very important to make sure there are scholarships for writers, because writers tell the truth. They keep us informed of important ideas and realities in the word that might otherwise get passed over and forgotten. They expand our understanding of the world and of ourselves, and in some ways help to craft new truths that otherwise wouldn’t be recognized,” he continued.
“All of these things are vital to a free society, an intellectual society, a society of people who are committed to a way of life that is going to make it better for all.”
Brianna Marin Shields Memorial Presidential Scholarship
“Brianna was our first daughter, stillborn at full term. We wanted to do something that would commemorate her life,” Ted Shields said. “This is a way for her name and presence to live on.”

Mr. Shields continued, “I’ve always felt very strongly about supporting equal opportunity in education. There’s a tremendous amount of disparity in terms of opportunity, so providing that opportunity to those students who have the desire, the drive, and the talent to pursue college education is important.”
Paul J. Leatherberry Presidential Endowed Scholarship
“My father was in the insurance business and administered about 20 or 30 scholarships a year. I thought it would be a nice tribute to him to set up a scholarship in his name at the Santa Fe Community College. He really enjoyed working with the students and helping them with their education—they would write him letters and keep in contact with him.”

Mr. Leatherberry continued, “SFCC has a lot to offer in a state that’s deficient in education and jobs. I prefer to hire locally, which can be a challenge when looking for specific skill sets, but I will happily testify about the quality of SFCC graduates. One of our employees is a graduate and everyone here thinks she’s just outstanding.”
Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg
“Our gifts are really a win-win situation,” said Dr. Norman Greenberg. “Through an annuity issued by SFCC Foundation, they provide reliable annual payments for us during our lifetimes and future funding for the college to benefit Native American students at SFCC.”
Drs. Greenberg lived in Santa Fe for 13 years and came to know the facilities, programs, and personnel of SFCC. Impressed by what they saw the college doing, they began to make donations at first collections of professional journals, but then significant planned gifts. To open a gateway for Native Americans, they set up a trust through the Santa Fe Community College Foundation to support scholarships and later established a charitable gift annuity to augment it.


Recipient of a Brianna Marin Shields Memorial Presidential Scholarship
“I moved to Santa Fe from Pittsburgh specifically for the woodworking program at the community college. My scholarship covers most of my tuition and has helped offset my shop fees. That has been a huge help. I’ve always been really interested in art, but the work ethic I was raised with made me want to find a way to balance my creative art with something that’s functional. Furniture is a perfect medium for that.

“The SFCC program covers a lot, and the associate’s can stand on its own. I don’t need a degree from a four-year art school to get an apprenticeship or enter the industry. Right now, I’m working as a Peer Leader with the First Year Experience Program, so I work part-time and go to school fulltime.”
Recipient of a Dr. James P. and Mrs. Mildred Miller Title V Presidential Endowed Scholarship
“My eyes were really opened … by how limited you are by [a] lack of education. It was holding me back. I realized I needed to make money so that I could do the things for my son that my dad did for me.”
“I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade and got my GED when I was 17. When you’re young, you don’t really have a strong concept of economy or income or support.
“Right now, I wait tables at the fine dining restaurant at Buffalo Thunder. I’ve been trying to take three classes a semester. I’m an artist, I like to draw, but art doesn’t really pay. Computer science is a medium that allows me to be creative with designing and writing programs.
“I’m planning on transferring my credits to New Mexico Tech and majoring in either computer science or electrical engineering. I haven’t decided yet. I’ve been flirting with the idea of engineering though, because I’ve taken calculus and physics and I’ve really started to enjoy pure mathematics—and that wasn’t the case before.
“My scholarships mean I don’t have to work as much, which gives me more time to study. You can’t really study or get A’s in calculus if you have to work all the time.”
Scholarship recipient
'I decided to go into nursing because I’m 41 years old, I have a baby, and nursing offers job security. Before SFCC I was in the Air Force for 15 years and then I worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Without the financial aid I’ve received, it would have been extremely difficult to go to school fulltime. I would have had to piecemeal it together. This way I can finish in a reasonable amount of time. Now, within six years, I’ll be autonomous.”

'I’m in my third year at SFCC—my second year in the nursing program. There are many paths in the nursing field, so I have lots of options and I’ll be able to get a job almost anywhere. When I finish here I’ll try to get a job in the medical-surgical unit at St. Vincent, and I’ll apply to the University of New Mexico’s RN to BSN program. After that I’ll apply to nurse practitioner school.'
The foundation scholarship helped me realize my dream of helping the world one person at a time. I extend my deepest thanks to The Foundation Scholarship and those who contributed and who continue to contribute to the hopes and dreams of a future generation.
Diane Kinha
This scholarship has helped me pay my tuition and books. Without it, I would not be able to pursue my education without having financial difficulties. I am an international student, and so working 20 hours a week on campus does not help me pay much of my personal needs. The scholarship has indeed helped me pay for food, transportation and other personal needs. I want to sincerely thank the Foundation for everything they have done for me and other students. The Foundation has given me hope and strength to pursue my education. Thank you for your generosity.
Kevin Silva
I came to college like a scared child on their first day of kindergarten. To my surprise everyone was so welcoming and caring and then I met the staff from the Foundation and my life has really flourished for the better. I want to thank you guys for all that you have done for me and continue to do for me. I now have hope that life can be better if you make it better for yourself. So I have made up my mind to shoot for the stars and do my best to make my future the best it could be. I just want to thank you all for your time and all the faith you have had in me.
Nziki Tadfor
Your generosity has provided me with the means to fund my education. Words cannot express how grateful I and my family are to you. With the money I have received from the Foundation, I have been able to purchase text books as well as writing material for my classes. I have been able to buy food and provide transportation for myself to and from school. Because of you I have been able to stay away from Student loans and all the burden that comes with it. Some day, I aspire to be a donor and help other people achieve their dreams.