Read about some of our students and staff and some testimonials about the New Mexico EnergySmart Academy.

Our Building Operator Certification for Veteran’s program:


We had a great time at the QCI class. It was the perfect opportunity for us to review some of our processes and reflect on the ways we handle inspections. Jeff and Bill were top notch instructors and your hands on labs were terrific.

I finished the field test around 3pm on Thursday and received an email of congratulations from BPI before 8 am Friday morning, talk about fast! I felt relaxed and in control during the field exam and know it was because of the training you all provided.

Thanks again for offering a really fantastic training,

Mike (Texas)

The appraisal classes on Green Residential Building were terrific and the instructor was superb!  It’s my opinion that the participants were all immersed/engaged in the subject matter.  Thank you for supporting this opportunity for meaningful interaction and learning.  I just wanted to convey my appreciation.  Many thanks for orchestrating the event.

Los Alamos National Bank

This is better than getting a secret decoder ring in your Cracker Jacks box or a Golden Ticket from Willie Wonka. This is fantastic news! Thank you for being the great person that you are and for all your help.

-Douglass Keaty, Contractor


My new BPI Building Analyst certification has qualified me for a variety of jobs that I was previously unqualified for.  It has raised my professionalism, knowledge of building science and ability to deliver truly green structures at a level I had not yet reached in my career.  The recession has cut my income as a design-build professional by 60% and without the ­­­­Center of Excellence Green Building and Energy Efficiency grant I would never have been able to afford this pertinent certification.  It has only been a few weeks, and I already am feeling the positive feedback of my BPI certification from potential employers and clients.  The staff at SFCC display a dedication to serving the needs of the workforce and deliver a highly effective program in a modern and equipped facility building. I am so grateful – for the first time since 2009 I feel confident about my green job search.  And my current clients, friends and family are already reaping the rewards of my training. Thank you!  I needed this! Kari Bremer

My name is Jerry Lucero I am currently attending several courses offered by Sfcc green building program. These classes have been an asset for me I’m preparing me for a better career. I am currently unemployed and have applied to numerous businesses, all have asked for more training and certifications that without Sfcc I could not have been able to attain. The fact that you offer these programs free to people in my situation is very helpful. I have attended Osha classes on fall protection, thermal bypass, advanced framing techniques, I just completed radon 101 testing, and now I am taking the radon 102 mitigation which are some of the hardest and educational classes I have taken. I will be attending Osha 30 next week and would look forward to more classes in future. I wish to thank you for these classes and tell you that your instructors have been very knowledgeable and interesting.. Again thank you so much for your help and I hope the powers above continue to fund this program.  Respectfully: Jerry Lucero

Center of Excellence training has allowed me to accelerate my transition into the green building/energy efficiency field. The classes include real-world context that is not always provided in an academic environment, and give you a valuable step toward meaningful accreditations.

Mike Pennetti

I am extremely thankful to SFCC and the grant program which has allowed me to further my personal knowledge and skills, as well as add a new line of business to our company.  We are now able to offer light commercial energy audits as part of our consulting services.  We already have two projects lined up and are expecting more.  In fact, the response has been solid enough that our company now feels confident in hiring a new employee to work under my supervision.  We are currently conducting interviews and hope to have that person on board within the next couple of weeks.  Of course we plan to send that new hire to some grant funded trainings as well.

The quality of the training has been outstanding, and I truly feel that the knowledge gained has given us an edge on the competition which is very important in the current market, especially as we seek to bring in work from out of state.

Best regards,
Ryan Moore
LEED Project Manager, Environmental Dynamics Incorporated

The Center of Excellence in Green Building and Energy Efficiency at SFCC has been a tremendous resource for Walker Energy Services. The quality of training and the scope of training provided is outstanding. I have taken 2 courses through the program and both have helped with my continued education of subject matter related to the residential and commercial energy field. To receive equivalent training, I would have to travel hundreds if not thousands of miles and I could not afford the economic strain that would put on me in these economic times.

Adam Walker
Walker Energy Services

Amanda, I just want to thank you and your staff for the incredible 2 days we were able to spend with Joe Lstiburek and John Straube.  In my opinion these are probably the 2 top building science guys in North America, and they were here in Santa Fe.  No one had to travel or book a hotel room to see them.

Thank you again for all that you have done to support the professionals seeking knowledge and support in the building science world.
Best regards,
Larry Gorman
Building Energy Solutions, Inc.

Good Morning, my name is Adrian Soseeah and I recently attended your BOC 1 course in St. Michaels, Arizona. I have attached a file containing the rest of my assignments and the application. I would like to thank-you and your staff for doing a fine job presenting this course. I have learned a tremendous amount of information to apply to our 50+ year-old building. In fact, we have implemented some of the HVAC training we’ve learned and it has eliminated a lot of the comfort issues, it’s amazing! We still have a lot of work with portfolio manager but we have the knowledge to pursue our goals as our budget allows. Again, thank you for the opportunity I will recommend this course to anyone who runs a building. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail me. Have a great day!