Teach A Course


We are always searching for new teachers. Right now, we’re looking for crafts people, all kinds but especially traditional Spanish crafts like Santo painting, bulto carving, or straw applique. We’d also like to hire instructors to teach business classes such as marketing, office skills and office management.

Continuing Education faculty are a diverse and talented group of people. If you would like to join this group, please submit a course proposal below.

To Complete Course Proposal Form Online:

  1. Download the form to your desktop or hard drive. Course Proposal. (If you do not save the form to your desktop, we will only see blank pages when you submit it)
  2. Complete all form fields and questions
  3. Save completed form to desktop or hard drive
  4. Attach the proposal to an email and send to  Maria Montoya at maria.montoya3@sfcc.edu.
  5. or print and mail to:
    Santa Fe Community College
    Continuing Education Office
    6401 Richards Ave.
    Santa Fe, NM 87508

For more information, please contact Kris Swedin, (505) 428-1676, kris.swedin@sfcc.edu.