Welcome to the Tutoring Center

Welcome to the Tutoring Center information page. Our goal is to help you learn how to learn and enhance your academic success. In the Tutoring Center, we strive to create a friendly, safe and supportive environment to help you be successful in your SFCC classes. Our mission is to foster independent learning, develop confidence and self- reliance that carries into your professional and personal lives.

Please Visit Us In Our New Location

We’re now located in Room 326 in the lower level of the West Wing.

Hours of Operation: 
Fall semester 2015 and Spring semester 2016
Monday- Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday 9am-3pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Room 326
Contact information:
(505) 428-1260
Call for an appointment or drop by while you’re on campus

How it works:
Our services are delivered mainly in two modes, either drop-in or by appointment. Drop-in tutoring is mainly used for math. Appointment- based tutoring is for our more limited subject support such as English / writing, Office Technologies, Accounting and our science support Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geology.

Tutoring Contributes to Student Success

What students say about tutoring

  • Tutoring helps keep me positive.
  • It keeps grades up!
  • My tutor taught me how to break things down and keep it simple.
  • She made English understandable and sometimes fun.
  • He made me feel like math is easy!
  • She showed me how to go through each step to solve the problem.
  • My tutor helped me to help myself.
  • I was getting clouded and his perspective was just what I needed to clear it up.
  • My tutor helped me think out loud about what I wanted to say in my paper.
  • My tutor rocks!

For more information, please contact Chris Black, 505-428-1770, christopher.black@sfcc.edu.