SFCC Snapshot: Jerry Dakan

“I’ve been at Santa Fe Community College going on 11 years. I’ve been through a lot of changes at the college as well as changes in the culinary industry. What I like about SFCC the most is its willingness to adapt, to change to what our community really needs and what our students need, and ultimately what we can deliver. When I started at the college, I watched our program grow and then taper off a little. There was less interest in going to culinary school as a lot of potential students were just going directly into the workforce. I think the students noticed, and the businesses noticed as well, the need for training. The college gives me the ability to teach these students everything I know and at the end of the day, the majority of our students are employed or become better entrepreneurs. They become better parents, too, because they can teach their kids about nutrition. The majority of students who come into our program become part of this culinary family. It’s just an amazing experience to watch the students grow as a culinarian in front of your eyes. As soon as they get out into the real world, I watch them flourish. We’re not just teaching an occupation, we’re teaching life skills.”
Jerry Dakan, Lead Faculty, Culinary Arts Program and World Central Kitchen SFCC Chef

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