SFCC Snapshot: Jackie Hatchel

“During my freshman year at Santa Fe High School, SFCC was part of a college fair where I was able to sit on a dolly set up with a camera. It was a preview of the film program that I didn’t know I would later take part in. When I got into SFCC’s Film Program, I found people that I really liked and that I connected with. The program provided me an internship at the New Mexico Film Office. It was interesting to see how the Film Office and productions work together. One day, there was a still shoot for a movie and they needed PAs (production assistants). I got a call to go work on the still shoot and I met one of my mentors and I’m still working with her today. I have classmates that I met at SFCC that I am now working with in the industry and it’s cool knowing we both started at SFCC. Because of Covid, I’ve been off and on with film and I’m officially giving it a go right now and am on a project with the health and safety team. I’m really good at coordinating, organizing and putting things together and I’m trying to find where it is I belong in the film world. In the Film Program, I learned a lot about grip and electric equipment. I got a better understanding of what some departments do and how departments work. The Film Program gave me practical experience and set the foundation of my film knowledge.
Jackie Hatchel, Class of 2019, Associate of Arts Degree and Certificate in Film

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