SFCC Snapshot: Amanda Hatherly

“EnergySmart Academy’s online classes are hugely popular. We’re a training center for energy efficiency and water efficiency, so it’s like a workforce training program. Once covid-19 happened, we were one of the training centers with the most comprehensive online classes, so we were deluged with people from all around the country. Up until three weeks ago, we had about 1,000 students; with our covid-19: Workplace Safety class, there are over 1,000 just in that class. I just did a contract with National Renewable Energy Lab, which is buying the course for a one-year license and will export the class to their learning management system. The class is for people who work going into homes where there are people living inside —a health care worker, a contractor, anybody—and all the safety protocols you need to work safely. We created the class as a team effort, and we all did it from home. A shout-out to the people who work with me in the EnergySmart Academy because it was such a great team effort.”
~ Amanda Hatherly, Director of the EnergySmart Academy

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