SFCC Snapshot: Lisetanne Scherschel

“I went to New York before quarantine and lockdown set in, thinking I’d be taking a short trip to visit family. I left just as spring break was happening and things were different in Santa Fe than in New York. When I went, I don’t think I realized what was going on. But I was doing fine with school because we started transitioning online at that point. I was using an iPad for my five classes and I finished them all. I was able to Zoom, navigate Canvas, and turn in my assignments. I was taking an Independent Film class, so I had to be watching several movies a week, hours and hours of film. I was able to do everything. But, in Brooklyn, food and resources were running out. It was impossible to get medications and other things. I had to decide, do I take the risk and come home, or do I take the risk and stay and maybe run out of supplies? I chose to come home in April. Fortunately, no one was traveling so I was able to get an empty flight out of LaGuardia back to the Santa Fe airport and then I went in quarantine. I didn’t even go to the grocery store. I didn’t want to put anyone at risk. My mom’s 67. I would be going insane if I weren’t in school right now. I live alone and taking a lot of classes has been my main drive. I took Creative Writing and Screenwriting over the summer. It was excellent and so much fun. When I went on break and I was feeling antsy and excited for fall classes.” –Lisetanne Scherschel, first-year student in Liberal Arts

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