President Rowley shares about ERP

Dear Colleagues:

SFCC has joined forces with several other institutions to better support and serve our students and employees. Clovis Community College, CNM, Northern New Mexico College, SFCC (and eventually San Juan College) have come together to develop a shared system of student, human resources, and financial services. Our collective vision is to reimagine and to transform the student experience through this project.

This highly complex initiative is called Shared Services Enterprise Resource Planning (often referred to as ERP). This project has been in the works for many months and requires enormous input and collaboration on multiple levels. Interim Chief Information Officer Cori Bergen is the point person for SFCC, and her team and other staff members have been working intensely to identify all the ways we can improve our institutional systems. I want to thank everyone who has already contributed to this bold project. Your contributions will advance our practices so that our students find it easier to manage and reach their educational objectives. New Mexico Independent Community Colleges is coordinating the efforts across participating colleges with Laura Mulry serving as NMICC’s Communications Officer.

There are many benefits to sharing an integrated system across colleges, most important of which is better serving our students. Once actualized, the ERP will help us be more efficient; eliminate the need for multiple applications for admission or employment; reduce duplication of student and employee records; streamline student transfer; provide academic programming and staff reinforcements when needed; increase interaction with prospective and current students, community members, business partners, public officials; and more. All four colleges will share one system while protecting personal information and managing data in a secure environment.

As we move toward issuing a Request for Proposals, it is essential that we work together to support this project. Please read the linked message for important information on vendor contact. We will provide updates on this important effort to keep you informed. Please contact Cori or Laura with questions or concerns.

Thank you for all that you do every day.


Becky Rowley, Ph.D.