SFCC’s Controlled Environment Agriculture participates in fall 2020 conferences

R. Charlie Shultz, Lead Faculty of Controlled Environment Agriculture at Santa Fe Community College (NM) shared some exciting news:
SFCC CEA program faculty, staff and students will participate in two upcoming conferences in October and November 2020.

They will participate in both events and will duplicate their presentations:

  1. The Aquaponics Association Virtual Conference Oct. 16-18, 2020
  2. The International Aquaponics Congress Nov. 18-27, 2020

At both conferences CEA plans to make two presentations:

  1. SFCC student Nate Downey and Charlie Shultz will present results from their on-going home-delivery of fresh produce from the SFCC greenhouse in exchange for marketing survey data.
  2. Pedro Casas (greenhouse technician, CEA faculty), Frank Currie (Lead Faculty, Distributed Energy Technologies) and Charlie Shultz will present a new video created by Film professor Milton C. Reiss and the film department at SFCC about the Greenhouse and Energy Distribution.

The international conference will be a teleconference hosted by a group in Guadalajara, Mexico. Shultz said, “The film will be available in a continuous loop for conference attendees. So it has a potential of 15,000 people viewing it.”

On Oct. 6, Shultz spoke online to an advanced aquaculture class at the University of British Columbia.

Also later this month, Nate Downey and Charlie Shultz will present a poster on Downey’s home delivery program in response to COVID to the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute 65th annual conference.

Inset photo: From SFCC CEA Facebook page: R. Charlie Shultz harvesting lettuce in the greenhouse.