Thank you for your interest in Santa Fe Community College. SFCC offers scholarships that are based on a variety of factors or criteria specified by the donor. Scholarships are considered part of SFCC’s financial aid program and awards; therefore, the Financial Aid Office may reduce other aid already approved to prevent giving financial assistance in excess of unmet need (over-awarding) if a scholarship is awarded.

If you are interested in external scholarships please go to our External Scholarships and Scholarship Resources links for more information.

Contract for Better Tomorrow

Contract for Better Tomorrow is a performance based scholarship which helps students complete and graduate from one of SFCC’s certificate or associate degree programs.  The Domanica Foundation, Santa Fe Community College and the SFCC Foundation collectively support the CBT program and its recipients.

Eligibility requirements for participation in CBT:

  • demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA.
  • receive financial aid through SFCC (students may not receive financial aid through other schools).
  • be a first generation college student
  • working not more than an average of 20 hours per week
  • have a high school or GED diploma or have received the international equivalent of a high school degree.
  • be first-time degree seeking student who has not received a two year or four year degree prior to CBT participation.
  • currently enrolled in at least 9 credit hours at SFCC.
  • International students are eligible!

Contract for Better Tomorrow is accepting applications for the fall 2017 semester.  Applications are available here. The deadline to apply is May 26, 2017, so don’t wait!  Apply now!

The general eligibility requirements for all SFCC scholarships include:

Choose from the links below to view outside scholarship opportunities:

A overviews of SFCC scholarships and financial aid information are available on the fliers below: ( PDF format)

Students Helping Students Emergency Financial Assistance

Students Helping Students is an emergency financial assistance program funded by the generous donations of SFCC students, faculty and staff. Its purpose is to provide emergency financial assistance for continuing SFCC students who are facing unforeseen circumstances which may prevent them from coming to school.

To apply for emergency funding students must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must have previously completed at least two semesters at SFCC.
  • Students must live in New Mexico.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for credit and be making Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Students must be degree seeking.
  • Students must have an unforeseen circumstance that could not reasonably be planned for that could keep them from coming to SFCC.
  • Documentation is required for all emergency financial assistance requests.

Students Helping Students emergency funding applications are only available when classes are in session.  You may drop by the Financial Aid Office in Room 202 of the Welcome and Advising Center or email from your SFCC email account to request an application.

Additional important information:

  • Emergency assistance awards may not exceed a student’s unmet need.
  • Examples of eligible expenses include: housing/rent, food/meals, medical/dental expenses, personal automobile expenses or public transportation expenses, utilities or child care.
  • Examples of ineligible expenses include: legal fees, tobacco, alcohol, and entertainment expenses including gambling.
  • Awards are limited to $200 maximum. Students are limited to one award. If you have previously received Students Helping Students assistance you are not eligible to apply.
  • Every student is considered for emergency assistance without regard toward race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender or citizenship status. Assistance is based solely on the criteria specified in the application.

Please remember to take advantage of Santa Fe Community College’s counseling, advising and support services by visiting the Academic Advising page.

Please note other community resources available to SFCC students.
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To E-mail Financial Aid:

Federal regulations require that all financial aid inquiries come from your school e-mail address. Please e-mail all financial aid questions from your SFCC email account.
Log into JACK, access email account in upper right hand corner, and create a new email using “” in the address bar.

For more information please contact the Financial Aid office, 505-428-1268.


Santa Fe Community College, Higher Education Center to Close in Honor of Memorial Day

Santa Fe Community College and the Santa Fe Higher Education Center will be closed Monday, May 29, in honor of Memorial Day. No classes or activities will be held and no other student services will be available. The college’s early childhood development center, Kids Campus, and the Witter Fitness Education Center also will be closed.

SFCC will reopen on Tuesday, May 30.