Internet Providers Covid-19 information

OIT has compiled information about internet providers’ responses to the Covid-19 crisis. Find your provider below to see what accommodations are available to you at this time:

• Removing Data caps for home internet customers
• Free access to public Wi-Fi
Century Link
• No disconnections and will waive late fees
• Removing Data Caps
• Removing Data Caps
• Free access to Xfinity Hotspots
Internet Essentials
• Internet Service through Comcast for Low-income households
• Internet 9.95 a month
• Basic computers for $149.99
• No disconnections and will waive late fees
• Unlimited Data for 60 days
• Free 20 GB Hotspot
• Removing Data Caps
• Free 20 GB mobile hot spot
• 15 GB extra data for plans. Can be used as shared data or hotspot
• Waiving late fees and disconnections