Health Care and Fitness


What can I study in Health Care & Fitness?



It’s an exciting time to launch a career in health care. Study at Santa Fe Community College and get on a fast track to your dream job of helping others. Whether you’re seeking a role in nursing or medical assisting or are drawn to the fast pace of the emergency room, you’ll receive top training at SFCC. Experienced, highly qualified faculty will help you become a skilled, caring professional in a health care career.

Gain experience in SFCC’s state-of-the-art, high-tech medical simulation lab, and through internships with local clinics and hospitals. Graduates are prepared to take state and national exams and to practice in a wide range of health care positions where jobs are plentiful and well paid. Whatever field you choose, SFCC gives you the resources and tools for success. If you can dream it, you can do it at SFCC!


SFCC’s comprehensive, accredited Nursing Program prepares you for a good career in a growing industry. Learn concepts, practice principles, pharmacology, health and illness, and more. Earn a Certificate in Nursing Assistant, and continue your studies toward an Associate in Applied Science in Nursing.
Once you have your associate degree, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing — without leaving Santa Fe. SFCC partners with New Mexico State University through the Santa Fe Higher Education Center. Graduates are eligible to take the national licensure exam (NCLEX) to become a registered nurse.

Medical Assisting

Interested in a career in a medical setting? SFCC’s Medical Assisting Program will help you become proficient with exams, lab tests, clinical procedures, and more. This program is nationally accredited. Graduates are prepared to take the national certification exam.

Respiratory Care

For a fast-paced, active job, enroll in SFCC’s Respiratory Care Program, where high-tech training merges with compassionate care. Become a specialist in assessing and treating people with breathing and cardiopulmonary disorders, and work side-by-side with doctors and nurses in emergency rooms, critical care units and other health care centers. This program is nationally accredited.


If you’re a public health worker, community nutritionist or work in the food service industry, SFCC’s Nutrition Certificate Program will keep you up to date on the latest in nutrition, health issues, and more. You’ll gain field experience and learn nutritional recommendations for every stage in life, from infancy through senior years.

Dental Health

Polish your skills with SFCC’s Dental Program and you’ll land a good job. Start with a certificate in Dental Assisting. Then continue your education to earn an Associate in Applied Science in Dental Health, which puts you on the path toward a career in Dental Hygiene and/or Dentistry. You’ll learn about clinical procedures, dental materials, radiography and dental sciences. You can continue your studies to become an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary, and you’ll be certified to help with patient treatment.

Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA)
Learn the art of restorative dentistry through SFCC’s New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care-approved program. Certified Dental Assistants, Registered Dental Hygienists and other Dental Auxiliary, take online courses, train in SFCC’s state-of-the-art dental lab, and complete apprenticeship at affiliated clinical sites.

Community Health

Want to be on the front lines in health care? SFCC’s Community Health Worker Program prepares you for a career in public health. You will learn to educate, advocate for and support clients as they navigate the complicated medical system.

Home Health Aide/Nursing Assistant

Sign up to earn a Home Health Aide or Nursing Assistant Certificate and you’re on the fast track to land a rewarding job helping those who are elderly, chronically ill, disabled or cognitively impaired in a hospital or ambulatory care setting.


The Phlebotomy Program is your passport into the medical field. Study  patient communication, anatomy and physiology, and legal and ethical patient considerations. Graduates are eligible to take the national licensing exam. This is the only phlebotomy certificate in Santa Fe, and you can complete it in one semester — only 16 weeks.

Exercise Science

Inspired by helping others? Enroll in the Exercise Science Program. Learn how to teach clients of all ages how to be healthy. Study youth or senior fitness, fitness cycling, Pilates, lifestyle changes, and more. Get the basic training you need to become a fitness professional. Gain valuable experience through an internship in the fitness industry, and work with professional fitness instructors. Graduates will be ready to take national certification exams.

Emergency Medical Services

Want to learn how to provide emergency care in a 911 setting? Enroll in SFCC’s Emergency Medical Services Institute. Learn from instructors who are experienced professionals dedicated to preparing qualified, competent and compassionate health care providers. Earn certification and state licensure. Once licensed, you’re eligible to work in a variety of rural and urban emergency settings.

Emergency Medical Technician–Basic
Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic are licensed professionals who provide entry-level lifesaving care in numerous settings: rural, urban or wilderness.

Emergency Medical Technician–Intermediate
Emergency Medical Technicians-Intermediate are licensed professionals who also provide advanced care in numerous settings, rural, urban or wilderness. In addition to the care covered in the EMT-B course, EMT-Intermediate students learn how to start intravenous lines, administer medications, understand fluids and electrolytes, and more.

Working in Paramedicine often means you’re making the difference between life and death. SFCC’s Paramedic Program gives you top training in medical, trauma, cardiac, pediatric and many other types of emergencies. Graduates are prepared to provide immediate, quality, compassionate and evidence-based care wherever it is needed. Partnerships with local fire and EMS departments provide the realistic environment for you to practice rescue exercises in life-threatening situations.

No matter your aspirations in Health Care & Fitness, SFCC can help you achieve them. Choose your career pathway, and you’re on your way!

  • Associate in Arts – Transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Associate in Applied Arts – Land a great job.
  • Associate in Applied Science – For a successful career.
  • Certificates – Earn more and get a better job — in one year or less.