COMM/ENGL Substitute and Cancellation Request Form


To all COMM/ENGL faculty: Beginning January 2020, faculty will be required to locate and secure their own substitutes. We suggest you begin seeking a substitute as soon as you know you’ll be missing a class.

Mandatory Cancellation/Substitute Form: In the event that you must obtain a substitute or cancel a class, you must complete the form below.

24-Hour Policy: If you realize you’re going to miss a class less than 24 business hours in advance of the class in question, the class will be automatically cancelled. Please email your students via your Canvas course if this is the case. Note: Cancelling class more than twice per semester will compromise your position on the next semester’s schedule. Faculty should make every effort to secure a substitute in the event of their absence.

Questions? Concerns?

Jen Breneiser is the contact for all substitute and cancellation requests and efforts. Please email at with questions or concerns related to class cancellations and securing substitutes.