Caring Campus


What is the Caring Campus Initiative?

The Caring Campus Initiative, developed by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC), is designed to create a college environment that increases students’ sense of connectedness and belonging, and, in turn, completion of each student’s education goals.

We have committed to ensuring student connectedness. The Caring Campus process collaborates professional staff with the work of the faculty in support of student success initiatives, thus creating a true partnership among colleagues. This collegial partnership also is an essential aspect of the student success.

Our Commitments:

SFCC commitments can easily be implemented to assist our student virtually and in person. Our SFCC staff and faculty is dedicated to being student ready and prepared to assist students in all forms of communication (virtual or face to face). Our Caring Campus Champions can easily be recognizable so we can assist those who visit our campus.


  1. Nametags: Wear name badges or lanyards so that students and visitors will know who to approach with questions.
  2. Ten Foot Rule: Whenever a student/visitor is within ten feet take initiative to approach them. Say hello, smile, and be use a positive tone.
  3. Warm Referrals: Call ahead to identify someone who will assist the student. If possible, walk the student to the office they need to get to. Follow up to ensure the student was assisted.


  1. Give Your Information Up Front: Start each contact with your name and department. Ask for the student’s name and contact information incase you get disconnected.
  2. Reaching Out: If your college requests and/or allows, reach out to the student via phone, email, and text to let them know you’re available to respond to any questions and/or concerns.
  3. Warm Referrals: Use the student’s callback information to call the receiving office, make connections on the student’s behalf, and ask them to contact the student. Follow-up.

Colleges are complex and intimidating places. Professional staff can help all students successfully engage within the college environment. They can do so by treating all students equitably and in a caring manner. Having staff members who cares about the student’s academic success is a key component of Caring Campus. And one way to develop that relationship is to engage with students. We must recognize and get past our implicit biases and engage in behaviors that help ALL students feel welcome and care about in an authentic manner.

Caring Campus Champions:

Caring Campus Champions:

Thomasinia Ortiz-Gallegos          VP Student Success

Loretta Lopez                              Sr Administrative Assistant

Lucia Lucero                                Executive Assistant to the VP

Jocelyn Hernandez-Monsalvo     Accessibility Services Coordinator

Danielle Gonzales                       TRiO Director

Daniela Gurule                            Student Admissions Counselor

Estevan Royal Anaya                  Degree Audit Technician

Roberto Gonzalez                       IT Service Technician

Lauran Smith                              Collections and Instruction Librarian

Antonette Tapia                           HR Coordinator

Krystal Patton                             Veterans Resource Coordinator

Email for confidential comments/concerns/suggestions: Safe space to be open about your thoughts and opinions.