TRiO Achievers Dinner celebrates success

On May 2, 14 graduating TRiO participants as well as 16 TRiO participants who made the Dean’s list celebrated their accomplishments with TRiO staff and special guests at TRiO’s Achievers Dinner.

This year’s guest speaker was Antonio Rael a TRiO alum and 2016 SFCC graduate. Rael is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at UNM. Other special guests included Margaret Peters (Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs), Dr. Cecilia Cervantes (Interim President), Yuri Findlay (Director of Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy) and Jim Clem (math and science tutor for TRiO).

“The TRiO Program is invaluable to student success,” commented Margaret Peters. “SFCC is so proud of its TRiO Achievers. The testimonials at the TRiO dinner were wonderful. The TRiO students’ successes are the result of their passion for learning and their grit that enables them to face any challenges on the way to achieving their academic goals.”

Ed McKeon (TRiO Student Support Services Director) also highlighted the most recent annual report for SFCC’s TRiO Student Support Services program which reported a graduation rate of 48% and a transfer rate of 23%. Both far exceeded the objectives of the TRiO program, which were 20% for graduation and 10% for transfers.

TRiO is a federally funded grant program to support eligible Santa Fe Community College students. The program services income eligible, first generation students and students with disabilities.

Eligible students who are committed to their college education and will to participate will be offered enriched services designed to help them meet their educational goals.

Applications for the program are available in room LL313, downstairs in the West Wing. For more information visit here, email or call 505-428-1364.