Shared Services ERP Update December 15, 2020

Dear Colleagues:

After months of incredibly hard work by dozens of our colleagues here and at our partner colleges at CNM, Clovis Community College, Northern New Mexico College, and San Juan College with the Shared Services Enterprise Resource Planning initiative, I am pleased to announce that our Shared Services ERP Request for Proposals will be posted on Friday, Dec. 18.

This is an extraordinary achievement. Never before in the history of New Mexico higher education have so many people come together to put students first in such a collaborative, complex, thoughtful, and forward-thinking manner. Every aspect of the student experience has been considered and, once we implement, will be transformed. In addition to the student experience in credit, noncredit and workforce education, we will radically improve our administrative processes, including in the areas of financial services and human resources.

This project is so innovative and far reaching that it is likely to serve as a national model for other collaborative efforts in higher education. I am excited about the possibilities and I feel certain that, as we move forward, you will join me in being proud of our involvement in what is sure to be a life-changing opportunity for our students to achieve their goals.

Thank you to our coworkers who have dedicated many hours to the Shared Services ERP RFP. Thank you, also, to all of you for continuing to honor the mandate that we must avoid all vendor contact now through the awarding of the contract next summer. We have already received a lot of outreach from vendors, and that has not been limited to those in OIT. Therefore, please remember to avoid responding to vendors. Should you hear from a vendor, please refer them to Gerrie Becker, Chief Procurement Officer for the RFP, 505-224-4551. Gerrie is the only person authorized to speak with vendors.

I will be sharing more about our ERP initiative at Convocation on Thursday, January 7, and during Conversation with the President virtual gatherings.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and for your cooperation.


Becky Rowley, Ph.D.