Santa Fe Community Television
SFCTV-16 (Comcast)

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Did you know SFCTV-16 also does video production? Check out this digital ad for SFCC, now showing on the RailRunner! For video services contact Doreen Gallegos, 505-428-1509. See Video Production Price List.

About Santa Fe Community Television

SFCTV is a community access television channel in conjunction with Santa Fe Community College and in cooperation with City of Santa Fe since 1988. We are cable channel 16 on the Santa Fe Cable television system.

Our purpose is to encourage the widest possible diversity of information sources and services responsive to the needs and interests of the public and to ensure access to media for local interests.

Anyone can submit a program to air on SFCTV, including you! It is our mission to provide opportunities for individual, educational, civic and charitable groups to produce and cablecast programs that will promote open expression, bilingual education, economic growth, public forums and enrichment of the multicultural, artistic and civic aspects of life in Santa Fe.

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