Oct. 27 message about HLC meetings from President Rowley

Dear Colleagues:

In just a few weeks, Nov. 6 through 7, the College will host accreditors from the Higher Learning Commission. SFCC has been continuously accredited by the HLC since 1988. I look forward to the visit because it is an opportunity to showcase the excellent work you are doing to support our students.

I want to thank all those who have contributed to preparing for this visit. I appreciate everyone’s support as we welcome the HLC accreditors. Please go to the HLC website for more information on SFCC’s criteria for accreditation.

To address these criteria, there are a series of forums that you can attend, including an open forum for discussion with the HLC on Tuesday morning. Please plan on attending the sessions in person. An option for remote status employees is available upon request. For the link, email

HLC Peer Review Team Forum Calendar

Monday, Nov. 6

·        Forum for Criterion 4, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m., Jemez Rooms

o   Criterion details:

§  4.A. The institution ensures the quality of its educational offerings.

§  4.B. The institution engages in ongoing assessment of student learning as part of its commitment to the educational outcomes of its students.

§  4.C. The institution pursues educational improvement through goals and strategies that improve retention, persistence and completion rates in its degree and certificate programs.

·        Forum for Criterion 3,  11 a.m. – Noon, Jemez Rooms

o   Criterion details:

§  3.A. The rigor of the institution’s academic offerings is appropriate to higher education.

§  3.B. The institution offers programs that engage students in collecting, analyzing and communicating information; in mastering modes of intellectual inquiry or creative work; and in developing skills adaptable to changing environments.

§  3.C. The institution has the faculty and staff needed for effective, high-quality programs and student services.

§  3.D. The institution provides support for student learning and resources for effective teaching.

·        Forum for Criterion 5, 11 a.m.. – Noon, Governing Board Room

o   Criterion details:

§  5.A. Through its administrative structures and collaborative processes, the institution’s leadership demonstrates that it is effective and enables the institution to fulfill its mission.

§  5.B. The institution’s resource base supports its educational offerings and its plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future.

§  5.C. The institution engages in systematic and integrated planning and improvement.

·        Forum For Criteria 1 and 2,  1 – 2 p.m., Governing Board Room

o   Criteria details:

§  1.A. The institution’s mission is articulated publicly and operationalized throughout the institution.

§  1.B. The institution’s mission demonstrates commitment to the public good.

§  1.C. The institution provides opportunities for civic engagement in a diverse, multicultural society and globally connected world, as appropriate within its mission and for the constituencies it serves.

§  2.A. The institution establishes and follows policies and processes to ensure fair and ethical behavior on the part of its governing board, administration, faculty and staff.

§  2.B. The institution presents itself clearly and completely to its students and to the public.

§  2.C. The governing board of the institution is autonomous to make decisions in the best interest of the institution in compliance with board policies and to ensure the institution’s integrity.

·        Forum for Online Learning, 1 – 2 p.m., Jemez Rooms

·        Tuesday, Nov. 7

  • Open Forum, 8:15 – 8:45 a.m., Governing Board Room: For those who wish to provide direct feedback to HLC representatives.

Thank you, again, for your support and participation in this important part of the accreditation process.


Becky Rowley, Ph.D.