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SFCC’s short term career and technical certificates can help get you ready for your next job in a little as 16 weeks. These affordable programs range in length from one to three semesters and are designed to prepare students for employment in a specific career areas.

While these industry-focused certificates can get you working quickly, they are also a great way to put you on the path toward an associate or other advanced degree.

With programs in Automotive, Business, Computer Science and Information Technology, Exercise Science, Film, Health Care, Massage Therapy, Teacher Education, Solar Technology, Web Development, and more — SFCC has options for you!


Need a little extra academic help or a GED.  The Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) Program provides career pathways where you can learn job-related skills while you strengthen your reading, writing, and math abilities.

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Short Term Certificate Programs

Accounting Specialist Certificate
2 Semesters (17 credits)

Business Administration Certificate
1 Semester (16 credits)

Application Development Certificate
3 semesters (17 credits)

Computer and Hardware and Software Certificate
2 semesters (13 credits)

Computer and Network Security Certificate
2 semesters (22 credits)

Web Development Certificate
3 semesters (18 credits)

Criminal Investigation Certificate
2 Semesters (18 credits)

Culinary Fundamentals Certificate
2 Semesters (21 credits)

Patissier Certificate
2 Semesters (16 credits)

Fitness Instructor Training Certificate
1 semester (16 credits)

Nutrition Certificate
2 semesters (22 credits)

Massage Therapy Certificate
3 semesters (36.5 credits)

Film Production Certificate
2 semesters (27 credits)

Film Post Production Certificate
2 semesters (26 credits)

Traumatic Stress Aide Certificate
2 semesters (15 credits)

Liberal Arts for Transfer Certificate
2 Semesters (32 credits)

American Sign Language Certificate
2 Semesters (19 credits)

Spanish Certificate
2 Semesters (18 credits)

Massage Therapy Certificate
2 Semesters (36.5 credits)

Biofuels Certificate
2-3 Semesters (29 credits)

Solar Energy Certificate
3-4 Semesters (32 credits)