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Biofuels Program - School of Trades, Technology, Sustainability and Professional Studies

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SFCC wins Multiple Awards in the 2015 International Algae Industry Readers Poll!

  • 2nd for Educational Institution
  • 3rd for Algae Microfarm design: Nicholas Petrovic, an SFCC Graduate and founder of Apogee Spirulina
  • 3rd for Cultivation Equipment: New Solutions Energy (SFCC Algae Base Station)
  • Luke Spangenburg, SFCC director of the Biofuels Center of Excellence was named an Algae Ambassador! View full results here.

Biofuels - The Energy of the Future!

In the Biofuels Program, you’ll learn to create ethanol and biodiesel and cultivate algae, a renewable resource that grows well in the Southwest. Biofuels are a sustainable energy source made from organic materials or recycled oils converted into liquid fuels. The most common types of biofuels are ethanol; an alcohol made from plant biomass, and biodiesel; a combination of alcohol and oil or fat.

You’ll study advanced vehicle technologies and sustainable technologies along with biology, chemistry and electrical and mechanical fundamentals. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to work as a sustainability coordinator, plant or lab technician, project engineer/developer, or launch your own business.

The Biofuels program offers courses in:

  • Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies
  • Biofuels I, Biofuels II and Labs
  • Biology, Chemistry and Labs
  • Introduction to Sustainable Technologies
  • Electrical and Mechanical Fundamentals
  • Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture

Career Opportunities:

  • Plant or Lab Technician
  • Process Coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Project Engineer/Developer
  • Sustainability Coordinator

In the News:

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For more information, please contact Luke Spangenburg, Director Biofuels Center of Excellence, 505-428-1807,

Santa Fe Community College | 6401 Richards Ave. | Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508 | 505-428-1000
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