The Trades and Advanced Technology Center earns LEED Platinum

TATC Architect Allan Baer, left, and Wayne Lloyd enjoy the reception in honor of the LEED award on October 22.

SFCC Governing Board Member Linda Siegle and Chair Dr. Martha Romero celebrate the TATC’s LEED-Platinum designation with SFCC Foundation Executive Director Deborah Boldt, Architect Allan Baer and President Randy Grissom.

The SFCC Governing Board, President Randy Grissom and the SFCC Foundation recently recognized Allan Baer, the TATC’s architect (formerly of Lloyd & Associates Architects), at a celebratory reception and open house. A special shout-out was given to SFCC’s Plant Operations and Maintenance team who, working with UNM engineering faculty and students, further developed the sustainable features and systems in order to bring the building to the Platinum level.