The Santa Fe Higher Education Center – Frequently Asked Questions

The Santa Fe Higher Education Center (SFHEC) is a partnership among various universities and Santa Fe Community College. The partner universities are New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU), and University of New Mexico (UNM). The partner universities at the SFHEC offer courses leading to baccalaureate and graduate degrees, which is located at 1950 Siringo Road.

A complete list of degrees currently offered at the SFHEC can be found on our programs page.

First, review the list of degrees offered at the SFHEC and find the one that is of interest to you. For a bachelor’s degree, you must complete the freshman and sophomore-level course work that meets the requirements for the bachelor’s degree of choice. Once freshman and sophomore courses are complete, students must apply for transfer to the university offering the selected degree. The remaining junior and senior-level courses may be taken at the SFHEC to complete a baccalaureate degree.

If you have your bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree at the SFHEC, you must apply to the graduate school of the university offering the degree of choice. Refer to university graduate admission requirements and contact a program advisor for information specific to any graduate program.

Yes, partner institutions have staff located at the SFHEC at 1950 Siringo Road. Advisers are happy to see you by appointment, or you can drop by and ask questions anytime during normal business hours during the week.

The University to which you apply and are admitted to earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree is designated as your “home” university. You will work through your home campus for advising, registration, payment of tuition and fees, access to library resources, graduation, financial aid services, and etc.

Academic advisers are very important to help you plan for degree completion. Once you have selected a degree offered at the SFHEC, you should seek advising from the university offering that degree. Contact information for each degree offered at the SFHEC can be found on our Contact Us page.

Yes, in the majority of cases, if you choose to attend any of the programs under the HEC, your SFCC credits will transfer seamlessly. SFCC has articulation agreements to complete bachelor’s degrees by enrolling in comparable programs through the SFHEC. You can find the articulation agreements on the Programs page (https://www.sfcc.edu/hec-programs/).

University courses are scheduled in a manner to allow students to complete a degree in Santa Fe.

Most of the classes will be held in the SFHEC, but depending on the program all or part may be offered online or at the SFCC Main Campus as well. For example, NMHU offers full Bachelor’s and Master’s completion in most programs on site at the HEC.

Follow each home university’s deadlines for applying to the university.

Students will follow all university policies and procedures, including admission criteria and tuition and fee rates. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Financial aid is available through each of the partner universities. The student applies to the home university to begin the process. For students attending a partner university and Santa Fe Community College simultaneously, financial aid consortium agreements between university partners are available. For specific questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid office of your home university directly.

Once you are admitted to your home university, you may register for classes by following the university’s procedures for online registration. Computers are available in the SFCC Welcome and Advising Center as well as the SFHEC to access online university registration websites.

Yes, students can take advantage of online and videoconference classes as well as face-to-face classes.

Textbooks can be ordered online and delivered to a home address through the online university bookstores.

Each partner university will have online access to library resources. You will work with your home university to access library resources.

When you complete the requirements for your degree, you will receive a diploma from your home university. Contact your home university for information on graduation ceremonies.

No you do not.

Only those degrees listed on the Programs page are being offered at the SFHEC. However, additional degrees may be added in the future.

All faculty will be employees of the universities and not Santa Fe Community College. If you are interested in teaching at the SFHEC, apply to the university directly.

Please refer to the SFHEC Contact Us page or email hec@sfcc.edu.