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A thirst for knowledge, for finding out “why” and understanding “how,” and for making the world a better place for people as well as the planet — these are just a few reasons to pursue a career in Science and Technology. Make a difference with a discovery, find answers to puzzling questions and explore ways to change the world for the better.
SFCC integrates 21st-century trades with advanced technologies and green curricula to promote a sustainability economy. Get in on an exciting career learning from experienced instructors in state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you want to develop alternative energies, address food insecurity or transform business processes, you can do it at SFCC. Whatever field you choose, SFCC gives you the resources and tools for success. If you can dream it, you can do it at SFCC!

Biological & Physical Sciences

Are you motivated by intellectual curiosity? Then SFCC’s Biological and Physical Sciences Program is your path to a great career. Take biology, life science or ecology; chemistry, physics or geology. SFCC prepares you for a variety of jobs in climate change or genetics, environmental or exercise science, health care or medicine.

Exercise Science

Inspired by helping others? Enroll in the Exercise Science Program. Learn how to teach clients of all ages how to be healthy. Study youth or senior fitness, fitness cycling, Pilates, lifestyle changes, and more. Get the basic training you need to become a fitness professional. Gain valuable experience through an internship in the fitness industry, and work with professional fitness teachers. Graduates will be ready to take national certification exams.


Whether you intend on becoming an aerospace engineer or a bioengineer, SFCC’s Engineering Program will launch you on your way. Learn about pollution control, seek out and incorporate the latest advanced technologies and explore new applications for improving the built environment. Introductory engineering courses, graphics, design and programming equip you with the core requirements to earn a bachelor’s degree. Engineers start at significantly higher salaries than other college graduates, and the demand for engineers is high and consistent.

Information Technologies

If you’re a computer geek, expand your skils in SFCC’s Information Technologies Program. Get high-tech training in hardware and software, database management, networking and quality customer service. Land an internship that places you in demanding, real-world environments. Graduates will be ready to take national certification exams and work in any modern office environment. IT careers pay well and are always in demand.

Drafting & Engineering Tech

Do you love drawing up plans and working with computer models? Then sign up for SFCC’s Drafting and Engineering Technologies Program. Learn how to represent three-dimensional objects and buildings, work with computer-based modeling programs, analyze data and solve drafting and design-related problems. Improve communication and decision-making skills in a project-oriented, team-based environment. This program will prepare you to be a draftsman, scientific field technician, architect’s assistant, construction worker, and more.

Computer Science

Are you a problem solver, able to creatively use computation to find solutions? Then SFCC’s Computer Science Program is for you. This exciting and unique field sits at the intersection of many disciplines, from biology and science to economics, business, fine arts, and more. Computer scientists and engineers have designed some of the world’s most complex computer programs, and many of them help keep the world running today.

Building Science and Construction Technologies

Interested in increasing your skills in a specific trade? Want to learn about green building or how to build an adobe home? SFCC can prepare you to land a good-paying job in the building industry, from building sustainable housing and communities to working as an energy inspector, plumber or HVAC technician. Classes emphasize modern green practices, sustainable building materials and passive solar adobe design. Your training will prepare you to become an adobe construction worker, project planner/developer or sustainability coordinator.

Residential Energy Auditor and Inspection

Learn to diagnose energy, health and safety issues in homes and businesses. Study energy principles and auditing, air leakage, insulation, heating and cooling systems, indoor air quality, and more. Gain the knowledge, skills and abilities required by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. You will have the credentials to work in well-paid, challenging and high-demand jobs.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Learn the tools of the trade to work on existing buildings or design new ones. Get the basics in HVAC operations, from blueprint reading to air movement, distribution, heat load calculations, and more. Stay current on the safety and technical aspects of the operation and maintenance of state-of-the-art HVAC systems. Finish a degree or certificate and get a good-paying job.


Problem solving and troubleshooting are just some of the skills that professional plumbers possess. Learn to install and upgrade plumbing systems, build new residential and commercial spaces from blueprints, and install and maintain sustainable water catchment and solar hot water systems. Whether you’re entering the field or want to upgrade your abilities, learn everything required to become a professional, from basic plumbing and pipe fitting to repair, the latest technological applications for maintenance and remodeling, and more. Plumbers are in demand, and it’s a well-paid career with opportunities for advancement or owning your own business.

Sustainable Technologies

Interested in how technology can be used to solve environmental or social issues? Want a degree that is cutting edge? SFCC’s Sustainable Technologies Program puts you at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry and high-demand profession. Sustainable technologies are continuously being developed to address issues that affect the health of our planet: energy production, energy efficiency, water conservation, food production, and more. SFCC stays on top of evolving trends and expands its offerings so you will learn the most current skills to work in renewable energy, water conservation, alternative fuels, and more.
Create ethanol and biodiesel and cultivate algae, a renewable resource that grows well in the Southwest. Study advanced vehicle technologies and sustainable technologies along with biology, chemistry and electrical and mechanical fundamentals. Graduates are ready to work as a sustainability coordinator, plant or lab technician, project engineer/developer, or launch your own business.
Solar Energy
Learn to work with solar energy systems, from design to installation and troubleshooting. Get grounded in the basics of AC/DC electricity, grid tie applications and solar thermal systems. Graduates will be ready for a great job in solar energy or green building, both of which are exploding in job growth.
Water Treatment
Make a difference right here in New Mexico, where water contamination is a problem in rural areas due to poor wastewater treatment systems. Whether you’re already working in the field and need to hone your skills, or you’re interested in joining this growing career sector as a treatment facility operator, you’ll get all the skills you need. This program prepares you for state certification.
Water Conservation
As drought expands across the globe, shrinking the world’s water supply, water conservation has become one of the most important public health issues. Become a leader in this critical field, studying watershed management, water system auditing and evaluation and active water harvesting and distribution systems.
Greenhouse Management
Sustainable agriculture practices affect the ecological health of New Mexico and the world. Learn how to revitalize agriculture traditions and apply new techniques to support local food security. Study greenhouse operations, aquaponics and hydroponic systems. Grow hydroponic plants organically from propagation to harvesting. Gain experience in creating a business plan for and marketing a small-scale hydroponic enterprise.
Green Building Construction Systems/Skills
Like working with your hands, building things and applying the latest technologies? SFCC’s knowledgeable instructors teach traditional construction and computer-aided drafting that emphasize green practices. Get hands-on, relevant and practical experience that will qualify you to land a job at a construction site, building office or as a field technician.
No matter your aspirations in Science & Technology, SFCC can help you achieve them. Choose your career pathway, and you’re on your way!
  • Associate in Arts – Transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Associate in Applied Arts – Land a great job.
  • Associate in Applied Science – For a successful career.
  • Certificates – Earn more and get a better job — in one year or less.

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