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If you can dream it, you can do it at SFCC! Whatever field you choose, SFCC gives you the resources and tools for success. Discover your path with the options below.

All the tools you need to work in or build a successful business.

Whether you plan to start a small business, join an international corporation or become a book-keeper, you’ll study with a faculty of experts at SFCC. Navigate the complex worlds of finance, law or criminal justice. Earn credentials in hospitality and tourism or culinary arts. Practice critical thinking and problem solving. Develop strong team building and leadership skills.

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Discover the voice that gives life to your dreams.

Santa Fe Community College takes full advantage of its location in one of the world’s great art centers. Study Creative Arts at SFCC, and be embraced by Santa Fe’s vibrant art and culture, and encouraged to contribute to the creative economy. Unlock your artistic potential. Focus on filmmaking, build a website or cultivate culinary expertise. Faculty members are professional artists, award-winning poets and novelists. They will inspire and guide you to develop your individual abilities.

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Change the world by helping others.

Become a teacher. Specialize in early childhood. Share the joy of learning a foreign language. Get the essential skills for a career as a counselor. Earn credits toward becoming a psychologist. Study American Sign Language Interpreting.

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Prepare for a fulfilling career in a fast-growing field.

It’s an exciting time to launch a career in health care. Study at Santa Fe Community College and get on a fast track to your dream job of helping others. Whether you’re seeking a role in nursing or medical assisting or are drawn to the fast pace of the emergency room, you’ll receive top training at SFCC. Experienced, highly qualified faculty will help you become a skilled, caring professional in a health care career. Gain experience in SFCC’s state-of-the-art, high-tech medical simulation lab, and through internships with local clinics and hospitals. Graduates are prepared to take state and national exams and to practice in a wide range of health care positions where jobs are plentiful and well paid.

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Take your place on the front lines of a radically changing world.

A thirst for knowledge, for finding out “why” and understanding “how,” and for making the world a better place for people as well as the planet — these are just a few reasons to pursue a career in Science and Technology. Make a difference with a discovery, find answers to puzzling questions and explore ways to change the world for the better. SFCC integrates 21st-century trades with advanced technologies and green curricula to promote a sustainability economy. Get in on an exciting career learning from experienced instructors in state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you want to develop alternative energies, address food insecurity or transform business processes, you can do it at SFCC.

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There are more ways to pursue your dreams at SFCC

In today’s competitive world, it’s essential to have the knowledge, skills and experience to land your dream job, so you can do what you love. Learn to build an adobe house or a hydroponic greenhouse. Become a water conservationist or alternative fuels expert. Focus on sustainable technologies, building and construction, welding, culinary arts, or interior design. Upgrade your plumbing skills or work in solar energy. Get a food truck up and running or apprentice on a Hollywood film set. Whatever field you choose, SFCC gives you the resources and tools for success. If you can dream it, you can do it at SFCC.

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