Wayfinding Academy students visit SFCC

The Wayfinding Academy visited SFCC last week from Portland, Oregon on a Learn & Explore trip. It is their second ever Learn & Explore trip. The first one was in April 2017. Fifteen Wayfinding students went to Spain and Portugal to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Most of the students who were on the trip to Santa Fe are in the inaugural cohort of students and just completed their first year of the two year program and are from all over the country (Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, California, and Texas) and now live in Portland to attend Wayfinding.

Wayfinding Academy visited SFCC to experience a one-week intensive introduction to Sustainable Technologies. Topics include bioenergy, controlled environment agriculture: hydroponics and aquaponics, algae cultivation, biodiesel production, water conservation and water treatment, microgrid design: energy/ power cogeneration and solar power. The week included hands-on laboratory time and guided informational tours of SFCC’s LEAD Platinum Facilities with five instructors from SFCC’s Trades Technologies and Sustainability department lead by Dr. Stephen Gomez. Wayfinding students with President and Founder, Dr. Michelle Jones, took advantage of their week in Santa Fe to visit the historic and cultural sites including visits to the Plaza with music at the Bandstand, walks down Canyon Road and an afternoon at Meow Wolf.

There are still a couple spots left in the next cohort of Wayfinding Academy students who will be starting on August 28. Wayfinding Academy will offer a scholarship of $1000 per year off tuition for anyone from New Mexico who wants to join as a student. To start a conversation email or call/text 503-482-9038.

Dr. Michelle Jones shared this about the Wayfinding Academy:

Wayfinding Academy is a new 2-year college in Portland, Oregon at the heart of a movement to revolutionize higher education.

We believe there’s more than one way to do life. And one definition of success is not enough.

This college and movement sprang from a few radical notions:

  • The world needs fewer mindless followers and more engaged citizens.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • Education should stoke curiosity, not cure it.

Our two-year program is anchored by 9 core courses in communication, social change, teamwork and leadership that will help you on any path. From there, you handcraft your own curriculum with the support of your own personal guide.

You’ll get your hands dirty with real-world internships, mentorships and Learn & Explore trips. All the while, you’ll be documenting your experiences and learnings in a portfolio that you can carry with you far beyond college to show the world who you are and what you can do.

There are no cookie-cutter tracks. We are humans to be cultivated, not objects to be sorted. It’s education by odyssey, with qualified and dedicated Guides helping you choose each next step.