Veterans Resource Center — Veterans Upward Bound


Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) at the SFCC Veterans Resource Center and The University of New Mexico—Taos is designed to assist veterans in the development of academic and other requisite skills necessary for acceptance and success in a program of post-secondary education. The project provides assessment and enrichment of basic skills through instruction, advising, and tutoring. The primary goal of the program is to increase the rate at which participants enroll in and complete post-secondary education programs. All VUB services, including instruction, textbooks, advising, and supplies, are provided FREE of charge.

We offer a unique range of services designed to prepare eligible veterans for success when they enter their chosen educational program, whether it is at a two-year community college, a four-year college or university, or a public or private vocational or technical school.

Veterans Upward Bound Services:  (for eligible NM Veterans)

  • Intense Academic Skills Development for GED Completion and Admission to College
  • Short-Term Refresher Courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Study Skills and Computer Literacy
  • Special Services in Mathematics and Science Preparation to Enable Veterans to Make the Transition to Postsecondary Education
  • Support Services for Veterans from Local Veterans Services Agencies
  • Academic Support Services to Enhance Curriculum Mastery
  • Activities to Enhance Learning Outcomes and Motivation for Success in College

Applicants who wish to be in the program must:

  • Meet the low-income eligibility criteria as established by the US government
  • Meet first-generation college status, i.e., parents do not have a bachelor’s degree
  • Must have served in the U.S. military for 181 days or more on active duty
  • Must have a military discharge OTHER THAN dishonorable
  • Show a need for academic support to successfully pursue a post-secondary education

Contact: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Program Coordinator
New Mexico Veterans Upward Bound
575-425-1724 |